It's Christmas

It’s not Xmas!

In all my life, X has always been used to represent an unknown variable.

Remember how we were usually tormented by the “Find x” questions?

X is mostly depicted as something negative; asides being an unknown variable, X is used to mark when an answer is wrong

It’s used to mark illegal property constructions

When you’re done with an item on your to-do list, X is used to indicate it

When a relationship goes sour nko?

Usually, we’d abbreviate a word because it’s too long and easier to pronounce the shorter one

But what’s the logic with shortening Christmas? I dare say it’s even easier to pronounce Christmas as the stress on the “Christ” in Christmas is lesser than the ‘X’ in Xmas

Is it really easier to type? When you use the same gesture as to cancel?

Christ is the church and we can never be an unknown variable.

We can never be the wrong answer

We can never be marked as illegal

We are “undone-with-able”

And we can never be ‘X’ed!

“…and the gates of hell shall not prevail”

Have yourself a merry Kamkpe Christmas.

I love you! ❤️